Jane Austen Evening

Wow, I thought I'd posted about this ages ago, but I guess I didn't!  :P

So in January I went to the Jane Austen Evening tea and ball and I had SUCH fun. So many friends there, and there was so much dancing and so much silliness. It was awesome.

I managed to finish my new ballgown by the skin of my teeth and  I'm very happy with it, it's a very, very light sari, nice for dancing in because it's so cool and floaty.

Some friends came over and we drank a glass of champagne while we got ready then we set off for the tea. There was much chatting and eating of yummy tea sandwiches and sweets and drinking of copious cups of tea.  Then the gents rolled the tables away while we ladies changed into our ballgowns and got ready for the ball.

In my case this just meant leaving off my spencer and hat and putting on gloves, and voila, done!

At the ball we were joined by many friends there there was always someone to talk to or dance with. Plus they all looked FABULOUS! 

Crystal and Aimee were in lovely jewel tones  
Veronica in late 18th C stripes 
Alyxx looking regal in black
my fellow blond Amy, I love her hair!
Dan'a's pretty aqua open robe 
Twila's gorgeous sherbet ensemble
Katherine's pretty and pink twirly ribbon gown!
I danced with my girlfriends and several gents even asked me to dance, which was nice.  I danced a record NINE dances you guys!  The dance classes I took beforehand REALLY helped.  Most of the time I knew what was going on and I was gratified to see that sometimes even the experienced dancers didn't know what came next. 

 My cheat sheet
Athene dancing so gracefully in her white gown and Turkish vest 
The View from the Gallery

You can see all my photos here on flickr.


  1. Looks charming! thanks for sharing! Your new gown is so elegant! I love the gold and black combo.


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