Do you ever get costumer's ADD and have a bunch of ideas/project going at once?  I seem to fall prey to this at the beginning of the year nearly every year.  I think of all the events I want to go to and what I want to wear to them and get all fired up and want to ...

Current projects in various states of completion:

New Redingote a la the LACMA one - muslin cut and sewn and modified.

Regency Spencer a la Queen Louise of Prussia - lining put together, fashion fabric partly put together, striped lapels in progress.

A bustle ballgown ensemble using bits from an old outfit and some left over fabric - need to hem underskirt, attach ruffle to bustle apron, trim bodice

A plaid wool Outlander-inspired 18th C petticoat - need to fix pleats since waist is too large then hem.

A navy wool petticoat for the Fox riding habit - need to add ties and hem.


  1. I start out the year with a list of what I need to make, start one but before it's finished I want to start another. And oft times it's not even something that was on the list. I hear you.

  2. I have CADD all the time, or as my husband calls it, "Oooo! Shiny!" syndrome. lol. But, over the past couple of years, it's been on paper only, as I haven't spent any time in the sewing room lately.

  3. Girl, Yes! I must admire that you have actually made progress on different projects. I only wander into the sewing room and pull out puddles of fabric arrange them artfully on the dress form and wander away leaving the puddles on the floor. Too many choices.

  4. all of these are great. At some point I need to find some plaid to make an outlander gown! :D I adore that regency coat.


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