The Grand Victorian Ball

Me in my new dress
Finally here are my pictures from the grand Victorian ball  where I got to wear the new dress.

I actually managed to go to the dance lesson the weekend before so I knew which dances were easy enough for a beginner like me - and which ones to stay away from!

So I sat took a few turns on the dance floor this time, kind of an accomplishment for a girl with two bad left feet!

Anyway, it was lots of fun and everyone looked lovely.  I can't wait until the next one!

And my friend Alyxx in her new dress

Alyxx and I together, we were told we looked like sorbets
Katherine's wool gauze gown
Amy's Captain America themed bustle dress

Veronica's gorgeous pink and green butterfly dress

I loved this red, white and blue bustle gown!
Handsome gents
And lovely ladies.


  1. Alyxx and you looked glorious! I love the trainless dresses as they are so much more suitable for dancing the night away...

  2. Thank you! We were both tired and a little slap happy but we had a lovely time.

  3. Love your and Alyxx' new gowns! I really want to make another Victorian, hopefully by the fall ball. :) Love Veronica's mix of fabrics, so inspiring as usual!

  4. I love your dress Loren! You looked fabulous and the colors are so incredible! And thank you for sharing the other lovely dresses from the ball!

  5. You All looked so lovely! It was a treat to see you and Alyxx, also Miss Katherine C-G in her lovely wool gauze dress. Wool gauze as rare as the dodo!


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