Fox Hat!

This is the original
I finally got the silk ribbon I'd ordered from M&J Trimming to cover the millinery wire on the Fox hat so today I set about putting it all put together.  First I whip stitched the silk ribbon to the brim edge then I pleated some wide navy ribbon to the crown and stitched that on.

Then I stitched some gold/navy trim on the attach to the button on the Fox rosette and started adding feathers and tails.

The tails are really just old pieces of vintage fox fur that were falling apart that I hot glued into "tail" shapes!   I stitched those on first then added feathers, fur and more feathers. There are 3 black (multi feather) plumes and 3 white.

I still need to mess with it a bit (and maybe add one more feather...) but it's basically done!

 And here is my repro. I tried it on with the wig so you could see the full effect.


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