Costume College - What I Wore Saturday day: Dangerous Liaisons Yellow Traveling Suit

I'd really wanted ALL my costumes to fit this year's literary theme for Costume College: "Plucked from the Pages." So I thought this was a good opportunity to trot out another old costume I hadn't worn (or been able to fit into) for some time now - the Yellow Traveling outfit that Glenn Close wears in Dangerous Liaisons.

In fact, looking back, the first time I wore this costume was the my very first Costume College in 2006!   I'm pretty psyched I can fit into such an old costume and that it really actually looks pretty nice and not all janky.

I didn't actually take any photos of this outfit myself, I had the Costume College professional photographer take some, but they aren't online yet.  But Jen Thompson took this shot of me in it that I just love.