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I love Spoonflower, I don't use it very often but there are so many wonderful fabrics for costumers on it.  I've been thinking I need the Effie Trinket Butterfly dress and figured someone on Spoonflower must have created a good monarch butterfly print I could use as a base and sure enough, the perfect print was there.

It's been a little while since I last ordered from Spoonflower and they have a few new fabric since the last time I checked it out.  Satin, faux suede and minky are just a few of the new fabrics you can have them custom print.  I've learned the hard way to always get swatches, this is really important for scale and color, but also to make sure it's the right weight and drape for your project.  I got three swatches of butterfly fabric. I think I like the satin best- it's really shiny and has a bit of stiffness which I need for this project.

 From left to right: satin, cotton sateen, silky faille

Not sure you can tell from the photo but the silky faille and the satin are much more vivid and clearly printed than the cotton sateen. And here's a close up of the satin which has a bit of sparkle to it:

My thought is to use this base fabric and then cut out some wings from the scraps of the fabric to fuse on top of it to make it look a little more 3 dimensional then use those feathered butterflies you see at Michaels for the scarf/neckline and hat.

If you are interested in reading a more in depth review of Spoonflower's different fabrics check out Bonnie Phantasm's excellent write up here.  Bonnie has also created some wonderful repro's of various film costume fabrics as well as beautiful large butterfly wings that would be perfect for a fairy costume.

I also have another more in depth blog post about Spoonflower from a while back with  a run down of some of my favorite Spoonflower designers for costumers.


  1. I love many prints on Spoonflower, but the horribly high international shipping cost stopped me from ordering. I mean, it is a little piece of fabric (test swap), why pay 15 dollars to have that shipped here?

  2. I also like the prints on spoonflower but $17.50 a yard for cotton? no thanks


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