80 inches and counting

I managed to get a little for the trim on Cersei's sleeves done yesterday.  One sleeve's worth to be exact.  In addition to all the embroidery and beading on this dress there is a lot of self fabric trim - piping and strips made of the metallic fabric used to line the sleeves, as well as piping and strips of the paisley fabric.  You can see what I'm talking about in the photo to the right.

So I spent a few hours yesterday cutting bias strips and making a boatload of metallic and paisley piping.  Then I cut strips of both fabrics and started to put it all together.

 I'm going to sew this trim onto the blue sleeve wrong sides together along the gold piping edge then flip and iron it so that when I insert the sleeve lining none of this will show because there will be blue fabric behind it.  I hope that makes sense.  :P

I had to cut the paisley fabric on the bias to get enough of the pattern to show up on the strips. This worried me a bit since the gold fabric is on the straight but it seems to be working out so far.  I'm so glad I had so much fabric left over after cutting out the sleeves and the side panels, all this trim eats of fabric very quickly!  I wish my metallic we a little more bronze like the original but I was working with stash fabrics and this was as close as it got.


  1. It looks smashing already! I think the colour is close enough, you never now how much the cmera and the light changes the true colour... It is recognisable and cudos for lowering your stash!


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