Bits and Bobs

Thanks to Maggie of the Costumer's Guide for the heads up on this new Star Wars Costumes Book.  It covers the original movies with all the depth we could have wished for when they were first released.

Only concept art is floating around at the moment but word is out that a whole host of new Marvel movies are in the works for the coming years, so there are sure to be some fantastic new costumes for future Halloweens.

The Pragmatic Costumer has a useful new post up on using a basic Simplicity costume pattern as a block to produce costumes for a wide range of periods.

Just in time for Halloween A Most Beguiling Accomplishment has a great post up on the history of mourning.

This website has a great gallery of   Day of the Dead make up  ideas for anyone planning on attending any Dia de los Muertos festivities on Saturday.

If you're over Halloween and already making plans for the winter holidays you might get a kick out of A Damsel in This Dress.  She has reproduced a gorgeous 1876 costume for a Victorian Ice Skating party and includes lots of great construction details.