The 10th Doctor

The big costumes in our family this Halloween were for C and my husband.  Yesterday we went to a party and got to do a trial run for them both.  

First up - C's 10th Doctor.  He really wanted to be the 10th Doctor for Halloween and had asked for one thing only for this birthday (which was last week) - the brown coat 10 wears.  So we got him a knock off from one of the cosplay stores on ebay.  That, paired with the blue boys suit he had, and he was nearly there.  He spent Saturday making a psychic paper prop out of an old wallet and had me style his hair with hair paste and brown hairspray.  The kid values accuracy!  I think it all turned out amazingly well.

Sonic in action
Psychic paper

So grown up!

There is a bit of a timey wimey thing happening here were I can see a glimpse of the man he will become that makes this Mama's heart rather full.  He's looking forward to wearing it all again on Halloween, his Doctor Who themed birthday and at Gallifrey One.

Can you tell he's excited?


  1. Whoa, that's really good! He looks all growned up too :)

    1. Thanks! I think he was right to insist on me making his blond hair brown, it really made a difference.

  2. Looks fantastic. He looks happy.

    1. He was so thrilled! He cant wait to wear it again... and again!


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