Halloween - Accessory Tutorials Roundup!

To my mind accessories are often what make the costume.  In fact,  some accessories are so good you don't even need anything else!  With that in mind here's a round up of Halloween Accessory Tutorials.  I tried to pick things that were relatively cheap and easy to make given Halloween is just around the corner, like the cardboard version of the Iron Man helmet vs the fiberglass one.  So these may not last forever, but they should get the job done for that last minute Halloween party you've been invited to.  I hope you like 'em!


Beautiful feathered wings made from foam.
Feathered wings with real feathers.
Cellophane Fairy Wings - one of many online tutorials for these easy to make fairy wings.
Demon Wings - I just had to throw the method I used for my devil wings for my Myth Masque "Diablesse" costume in there too.

Remember these?
Leather wrapped Maleficent horns - these are really cool, or maybe hot.
Fun foam horns - these are simple to make, cheap, and pretty darn effective.
Light up horns - if you're going trick or treating after dark, clubbing, or to a rave this is the way to go.

Cats wig - If you have fond memories of the Broadway show this is the purrfect wig tutorial for you.
Fiber Optic Wig - The best kind of wig for a dark October night.
Papercraft Anime wigs - amazingly cool anime wigs using papercrafting.

Chell's Longfall Boots from Portal 2 - white gogo boats that are the base for this accessory.
Weathered Pirate Boots - these do need a purchased base but the result is worth it.
Thigh High boots - easy and rather brilliant, just boots, thigh high stockings, hot glue and felt.

Foam Armor - a short but detailed article on making armor out of foam.
Fast foam armor  - out of foam floor mats!
Cardboard armor - a killer breast plate and all she used were balloons, cardboard, newspaper and glue.

Dalek Hat - I thought this assemblage of household items made a great Dalek hat.
TARDIS fascinator - the perfect accessory for your TARDIS dress!
Top hat - Don't have any buckram?  No worries, use cardboard!
Mini Top Hat - for those of you who like tiny perchy hats.

Cardboard Iron Man Helmet - pretty spiffy for cardboard.
Robot Monster Space Helmet - using an old globe!
Foam Sauron Helm - this is amazingly realistic and doesn't use fiberglass.