Needle Painting

I've been working on another bird (of course).  I think it's my best one yet.  No surprise really because aside from having a lot more practice under my belt, I bought a needle painting book and am finally learning how to properly do some of this stuff.

If you're into this sort of thing I recommend the book, clear instructions, projects that are actually interesting instead and it's not very expensive.  The other thing I did was trust my eye.  I've always been good at eyeballing things, in sewing or drawing/painting, so this time instead of slavishly following my penciled outlines I kept my reference pic in front of me at all times and "sketched" what I saw in front of me, I think it resulted in something much closer to Cersei's original than the others.

If you aren't sick of seeing my endless parade of birds I'll post this one when I finish.  I have one more to do but may end up doing two and replacing one of the older ones as I like the new one so much better.  Three of them are in very visible spots so I want those looking really spiffy!


  1. thanks for the book suggestion! I've always wanted to learn, but never know where to start.


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