Bits and bobs

* Steampunk's been around long enough now that a lot of designs are getting a bit predictable but this
octopus wig  is a real stunner.

* While not a costume per say, I'm sure something like this could be used in a costume and I thought these embroidered Temari spheres were just so amazing I had to share.

* This tutorial on smooth beading has been making the rounds on Facebook.  I was so happy to see it since many of the Game of Thrones gowns have smooth swirling lines of beads,  now I know the secret of how to do it!

* The Dreamstress has a nice stocking how-to up-  now you can make stockings to match every gown!

*Wonderful article on the costumes of  Maleficent including some great close ups.

* American Duchess has started the pre-order for the new "Savoy" Edwardian shoes, they look so divine! 

* Nice close ups of many of the signature jewelry pieces for Game of Thrones are are the Steensons website.  One can only hope that they offer them for sale one day!.