Back in Westeros - Cersei's mourning gown

I realize I have yet to write about Myth Masque, never fear, it's coming but in the meantime I've moved back to my GoT obsession and have been working on Cersei's mourning gown.  She actually has at least THREE mourning gowns it turns out.  The black velvet with gold swords printed on it, the walking with Oberyn damask gown with gold sword-like arabesque beading on the sleeve and the trail-by-combat one which appears to be nearly identical to the Oberyn one save it has lion heads and sword like swirls on it. 

Not sure at this moment which of these last two this will be bus as the basic gown is the same (or nearly so) I'm going to decide that later since I'll be embroidering it on organza then appliquing it to the sleeve and adding more beads.

I got a bunch of construction done the other day.  I went with the Simplicity method and cut the bodice separate from the skirts. I would have liked to have modified the pattern to have the more correct no-waist-seam but just didn't have enough fabric.  It certainly makes it easier to tweak fit with separate bodice and skirts, not to mention saving on fabric and being A LOT less cumbersome to work with!  Anyway, the top half of the dress is nearly done, I need to tack down some things inside and add the ties.  I drafted my own collar and did a LOT of piping - the neckline, sleeve openings and side skirt panels are all piped in gold/black changable dupioni.

cersei close up

The dress fabric is a black matelasse with a floral design that I actually had in the giveaway pile until I realized it would be great for this gown. I lined the entire thing - with a black silk taffeta remnant for the bodice, a gold embroidered (with leaves) dupioni remnant I got from Home Fabrics in LA for the bottom part of the sleeves, and a flowy mystery fabric from the stash on the skirts.  I think lining this type of gown is pretty important, even if you go with a heavier weight fabric, it just drapes so differently when lined. 

I bought a cheap chain belt with lion motifs on it to cut apart to make a necklace worthy of a Lannister.


  1. This is beautiful! I've been trying to find black fabric like this matelasse for ages, do you know any other names it might go by? I can't find it anywhere online!

  2. Do you sell dresses or custom make them? I have the Simplicity pattern but haven't had much time to start on fabric hunting.

    1. Sorry no. I only sew for myself and my family, I don't have time for anything else. :)


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