I have a few UFOs I'm sort of working on which I'll post more on later but I wanted to show you a rather serendipitous current project.  Years ago now bought an embroidered stomacher kit from Hallie Larkin.  When we went to the beach I got it out so I could have a project to work on and have gotten a bunch done on it.  Then when I was going through the stash I found this linen I got either from Burnley and Trowbridge or 96 Fabrics at Fort Frederick Market Fair years ago...and it's EXACTLY the same colorway as the stomacher!  How cool is that! 

Despite the GoT gown I really am a beginner when it comes to embroidery, so there are a lot of mistakes in this, but I think it will be a pretty middle class outfit when I finish it and make the gown.



  1. Wow. Those could not have matched any better if you'd designed it for that exact fabric. I can't wait to see how that looks put together.

  2. I have this same kit that I also bought years ago from Hallie. :) And mine is still not finished.... It's so close to being done too. I should really pull it out and sit down some night with a movie and finish the darn thing. I love your colors! Mine is all reds and browns.


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