Costume College Gala

Unfortunately I didn't have the best of times at the Gala.  I tried hard to have fun but I unexpectedly got my period and a terrible case of both the cramps and the weepies.  Plus I wasn't happy with my wig, despite having been fine with it last time I tried it on weeks before.  I think my forehead is just too high for those pulled back styles to look good on me.  I think I need more face framing styles like the hedgehog look to feel pretty in 18th C.

It was also the first year in ages that I didn't wear Victorian fancy dress to the Gala, and while at the time this seemed like a good idea at the time, I wonder if that didn't have something to do with it too.  Fancy dress is, by it's nature, fun and frivolous, and my 18th C just felt rather bland amid all the other more colorful 18th C gowns...something to consider when figuring out my Gala costume for next year.... 

Anyway, here are my favorite two shots of my Gala costume this year, a silly selfie with Sarah and one from the "red carpet"


I think my favorite costumes at the Gala this year were Aimee and Alyxx as Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast.  Their costumes were both detailed and rich, but even more than that they had a truly magical quality to them.  Alyxx looked astonishingly beast-like in her make up and wig and Aimee was serene and glowing.  Bravo ladies!

But there were tons of amazing costumes - this is only a fraction!

There are many, many more!
You can see all my costume college photos here on flickr.


  1. Despite not having the best time, I do think your dress is lovely! I like the color combo.



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