Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nearing the end

Finally in the home stretch with my Myth Masque stuff, and thank goodness because I'm relaly chomping at the bit to start on my Cersei stuff!

I have my husband's vest is nearly done, I just need to put the buttonholes in and the buttons on.  And am very close with my costume, I need to put in the grommets for lacing up the back, add a bit more trim to the bodice and finish monkeying with the skirt.  I really want to make a little pitchfork prop too. I have a dowel that's just about the right size but need to figure out a design for the pongs...

And the wings are done!  I ended up needing two coats of red paint to get it unform and the color I wanted but I think they look pretty awesome.


  1. Wow, those wings are looking amazing! I hope to have a go at making some in the next month or so when my friends have time to come over and do it together so I don't burn the house down or something!