Bits and Bobs

*  Andrea Schewe of Simplicity has a great post on modifying a basic costume pattern to make a girl's version of Elsa's dress from Frozen.  Let it Sew!

* Most of you have heard of the Historical Sew Fortnightly, that may even be how you found me in the first place,  but did you know there was a Historical FOOD Fortnightly?  Historical chefs, foodies and butter churners take note!

* Rookie Mag has a great tutorial on dying with RIT using a variety of materials.

There's a cool post up from Rococo Atlier on transitional stays, it's nice to see more on this garment.

* Did you know you can make dress pins from jewelry findings?  Neither did I!

* National Garment Cutter from 1888 is on the Internet Archive, you can save it as a pdf, view online or save as an ereader file, great for those summer bustle plans!