Bits and Bobs

Lady Pole- Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
* One of my favorite books is being turned into a miniseries!  For those not familiar with it Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is a strange tale of magic set in Regency England.  Imagine a cross between Jane Austen and Neil Gaiman and you've just about got it.  The first few production photos have been published in case other fans are wanting to get a jump on making a repro.

* Thanks to Maggie of the Costumer's Guide to the heads up on a new Star Wars movie costume exhibit and fashion magazine!

* Have you been longing for pointy-toed Regency shoes but don't have the cash for American Duchess or Robert Land repros?  Then check out the really awesome Regency Shoe Hack by the Bohemian Belle!

* Speaking of American Duchess, thanks to Lauren for the heads up on this great article on corsets with lots of with and without pictures by the Pragmatic Costumer. 

* More Game of Thrones "Purple Wedding" images here.

* In other GoT news, word on the street from attendees at Costume Con is that Andrea Schewe will be publishing a few more Game of Thrones patterns, including Dany's wedding dress.  I'm guessing we'll get the first peeks of them someday soon on Andrea's blog, stay tuned.

* And just because I loved it so much check out the Costumer's Code, also by the Pragmatic Costumer.  This may not be how everyone sees costuming, but it really struck a chord with me, and I thought if you hadn't seen it you might want to check it out.