More Fabric Painting for Game of Thrones

cerseiSince it was a warm and sunny day I spent a bunch of time outside fabric painting again.  I got some nice cheap poly georgette in the LA Garment District the other day so I decided I would make Dany's Qarth gown, and if I look mutton-dressed-as-lamb so be it!  But the fabric needed to be sponged with gold paint to get the right look.  So I worked on that and some more stenciling of the Cersei gown fabric.  I used the Martha Stewart Silk Screen Stencil for the Paisleys on Cersei and natural sea sponges for the Qarth gown and the Lumiere Metallic fabric paints for both. I got about 50 inches of paisley fabric done, which took about 1.5 bottles of paint.

Here are some of my thoughts after doing this most of the afternoon:

Silk Screen Stencil: With this stencil is really is important to follow the directions and clean it well after each use.  Eventually the tiny holes in the silk get plugged with paint even with cleaning.  I'm thinking that I may need to buy another stencil because despite cleaning after each use I have dried paint in the edges and I'm losing detail as a result.  It's also important to use a medium pouncer, it's too easy to make mistakes with the really large one.  Smaller is slower but more controlled.  The pouncer doesn't need to be cleaned after each stencil BUT when you do clean it (every other or 3rd stencil) it's important that you let it dry almost completely, too much water in the pouncer = muddied design.

Look at how nice the one on the left is compared to the one on the right where I had too much water.


Sponging: Sponging is actually the opposite, to get the soft mottled effect I'm looking for the sponge needs to be pretty wet.  Wrung out but not all the way, then dipped into the paint, pressed onto the pallet a few times to get excess paint off then stamped onto the fabric.  Going over areas repeatedly with different levels of paint creates more depth.  I needed far less paint for the Qarth gown, I used one bottle for just over 5 yards.


Lumiere Metallic Paints: I really love these paints.  The bright gold is amazingly bright, almost looks like real metal in the sun.  The metallic rust is much darker, wouldn't be my favorite color if not for it being closest to that I'm looking for, but still nice.  Both add some stiffness to the fabric but really far less than many other fabric paints, and both have great coverage.

Goldfingers!  The paper plate I poured my paint into looked like a tiny shield when I was done, it shown so brightly.



  1. This is sooooo gorgeous. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished piece both here on your blog and in person (you ARE wearing one of these to Costume College, I hope!)

  2. Thank you! Those Lumiere paints really are amazing. Assuming I get it all done I'll be wearing it to the ice cream social! ;)

  3. Oh how lovely! This is going to look so amazing!!


    1. Thank you! I'm really liking how it's turned out and I can see using stencils like this for other costumes as well.

  4. Beautiful! I really wish I'd read this before a recent fabric stenciling project. Can't wait to see the finished garment.

    1. Thank you! It's been a learning process for sure.


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