Bits and Bobs

* Taylor of Dames a la Mode not only sells lovely repro jewelry but she also just opened La Mode Supplies, an etsy store selling vintage jewelry supplies.

* The amazingly talented embroiderer Michele Carragher (who did all the embellishment on the Game of Thrones costumes) now has a Facebook page where she's uploading high res images and talking more about her creative process.

* Katherine of the Fashionable Past has a nice write up on how to hem yourself with no helper or dress form.

* You probably know about the Historical Sew Fortnightly, but did you know there a challenge for the non-historical costumers as well?  Sheer Madness is a group for those crazy costumes that defy historical parameters, and they too have challenges (and prizes!)  Check out the sidebar on the website for the latest challenge or you can join the facebook page here.

* Messy Nessy Chic has an interesting article on Victorian bathing machines with lots of photos and illustrations of historic swimsuits.  Check it out here.

* There's a wonderful photo archive going around the net of Australian convicts from the 1920s.  Some of them are so swanky they look like they stepped out of Boardwalk Empire and other look like they're already in the midst of the Great Depression.  Regardless it's a wonderful source for those wanting to see what real people wore.

* American Duchess has another irresistible shoe in development - a repro of an Edwardian shoe from the Newport Historical society.  You can vote on the color you like best here.

* Speaking of clothing in development Lauren from Wearing History has announced that she will be producing a line of Ready-to-Wear vintage fashions!  She's started polling on her blog as to styles and garment types, so get your vote in now.