Musings on Cersei

Looks like this will be a year of media costumes for me, seems like most of the projects I have planned are repros or interpretations of movies of tv shows.  Anyway, I've been musing on my plans for my repro of Cersei's aqua gown from Game of Thrones.  While I don't mind making acres of pinked trim for 18th C gowns or sewing on spangles and beads, I have all the embroidering skills of a blind three year old.  So embroidering the birds on Cersei's gown is never part of my plan.  Luckily I happen to have some amazing embroidered fabric that I can use to applique onto the gown.

I think that, coupled with the beading,  will end up looking pretty good, not exact but good.  The other problem I'd been having was finding the right fabric for the side panels of her gown.  I can't get this image to upload but you can see a close up of the fabric on my pinterest here. It looks to me like a silk, probably shantung, dupioni or taffeta, with a large paisley print.

But while the pattern seemed familiar I wasn't able to find it anywhere.  So when I stumbled across a silk taffeta at Home Fabrics in the right color for only $5 per yard I decided I'd just make my own print.  I bought some of the same fabric paint I used on my American Duchess shoes in "Metallic Rust.

 I plan on making a paisley stencil and stenciling the design on.  I've liked the Lumiere paints a lot,  the metallic paints are very bright and luminous but still flexible, so I'm hopeful this will work.  I'm going to try some tests first before tackling the stenciling so fingers crossed.


  1. Oh, lucky find on that fabric with the bird embroidery. I can't wait to see how that turns out.

    1. Thanks! The bird fabric is earmarked for different separate project but I think I'll have enough scraps to make it work.


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