Historical Sew Fortnightly #15: white (bonus round!) Robe a la Turque Scarf

I belatedly realized the scarf I sewed today counted towards the HSF 15 challenge "white" as well, so I thought I'd write it up to get bonus points for doing two white items during the challenge!

 The Challenge: White
Fabric: a crinkled off-white silk chiffon
Pattern: none
Year: 1779-1780
Notions: cotton lace trimming at either end
How historically accurate is it? Based on an 18th C fashion plate but machine sewn
Hours to complete: less than an hour
First worn: will wear the entire ensemble at the Costume College Pool Party!
Total cost: All stash materials


  1. Dear Loren,
    The scarf is the final, perfect touch. Just LOVE this outfit. It's so fresh and light and the colors are perfect. Hope it gets lots and lots of outings!

    Very best,



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