Of wigs and to do lists

Re-jiggered (re-wiggered?) the big honkin' wig I've got to go with the Turque.  It's two wigs Frankensteined together with the rather brilliant flash of inspiration of netting as a rat.  Netting, it turns out, makes a great rat.  You can stick bobby pins in it with ease, it comes is a million colors, it's light and you can squish it up to be quite firm or leave it soft.  I'll definitely be using it again.


Other than that I have a lot of stupid fiddling things left to do before Costume College: 
*Finish Turque:  
  attach sleeves  
  sew on back trim
*Make the sash for the Turque
*Finish styling the wig for the secret project...or just leave as is...
*sew ties on tostada hat, it will never stay on the massive wig otherwise.
*finish tacking down more flowers on tostada hat
*figure out how to have turque overgown attached to under gown at CF...pins are the obvious easy choice but I hate pinning taffeta, any ideas ?


  1. Dear Loren,

    Might small covered buttons with loops work to attach the overgown to the undergown? Any way to put hooks and eyes in an inconspicuous spot under some trim?

    The wig is great. I totally cannot see where the wigs are joined, so closely do they match. Good going.

    Very best,


    1. I think I might be able to do hooks on the over gown with thread bars on the undergown and have it work. The period solution appears to have been pins.

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