Tissot progress

We have short days all this week because of parent conferences which means I have even less time to sew than usual but I did manage to get some work done on the Tissot gown which I'd wanted to get back to working on. The pleated underskirt is nearly done now, and I figured out how to go about the trimming on the bodice sleeve edges and over skirt edge. It's an odd trim - a straight grain with a bias strip in the middle and another straight grain on top. So what I'm thinking I'll do is a knife-pleated ruffle with a stitch line attaching it to the apron about a third of the way down and a bias strip covering that.


For the bodice I think I'll use the Truly Victorian TV400 1871 Day Bodice as the base with the TV 410 1873 Polonaise sleeves as the sleeve base.  I think the original neckline was probably a jewel collar but that generally is not the most flattering on me because I'm so busty so I think I'll do a v-neck. with some sort of jabot or lace along the neckline.