CUT! Costume and the Cinema

I finally got a chance to go back down to the Bowers Museum where I'd done the fashion show for the "Cut! Costume and the Cinema" Cosprop exhibit a while back.  I really hadn't had the time or the right camera to due justice to the exhibit then, but this time I was prepared. Wow, so many iconic movie costumes!  From Jack Sparrow to The Duchess. And up close there were all sorts of details I hadn't noticed before!

The ribbon behind the equipages on the "Fox" costume from the Duchess:


That one of the Duke's costumes is the same fabric, but black, as the Fox costume:

Or that the fabric under Marianne's famous open robe in Sense and Sensibility isn't plain white but printed:


If you're in LA you have one last week to see this wonderful exhibit - it closes May 10th.  Added bonus: on May 10th they have a lecture "Inside the Process: Award-Winning Costume Designers Speak" at 1:30 PM - 3 PM, $7 Member/ $10 Non-Member.  Guest panelists:Judianna Makovksy, Costume Designer for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and the Hunger Games. Chrisi Karvonides Duschenko, Costume Designer for American Horror Story. You can see the rest of my pics from the exhibit here on flickr.