Mother Plucker

No,  I'm not cursing a blue streak, I just finally checked out the store in LA I'd been told was THE PLACE for feathers - Mother Plucker.  It's a small company about 2.5 miles from the LA Garment District.  They have a website you can order from but it's well worth the visit for feather-o-philes.  There's a reception area with samples and a larger self service warehouse with several aisles of big barrels full of strung and loose feather and more aisles of boas of all kinds.  Prices seemed very reasonable to me - $12.20 per ounce of strung coque feathers for example.  They had everything from loose feathers to strung feathers, pads, wings and boas. And many different types: ostrich, goose, coque, pheasant and the ever popular peacock.  They also make masks, angel wings, like those in the picture on the left and big showgirl style headdresses. And they do custom work as well.

Mother Plucker Feather Company
2511 W 3rd St  Los Angeles, CA 90057
(213) 637-0411
Open From 10am-6pm Mon-Fri


A Boa Row - there were many more of these
Some Ostrich Feather Bins