Project Surfing

Do you ever project surf? You know how you do a search on the web for one image and that leads to another and another and another? It's sort of like that but with costumes projects. I got out an old cut-out-but-not-completed project to work on for the HSF #3 Challenge: Under it all. Now if you've been reading this for a while may you know I hate making underwear. Oh I've made many a corset, chemise etc., but given my druthers I'd rather pay someone else to make something no one will see but me. I like making frosting like hats, not structure like underthings. But I'd had this triple flounced 1850s petticoat in the to-do pile forever and it's black so it can switch off with my other two three projects with no change of thread so I thought I'd try to work on it a bit. which made me think about my Poe Mourning dress and how I wanted to change it a bit...and it ALSO happens to be black...then....and before I knew it I had the two bustle gown skirts, the petticoat, a jacket, a gown and a hat all being worked on simultaneously. As long as it's black and I don't have to switch thread why not? Needless to say it looks like there was a goth-splosion in the sewing room. :P