I've been trying to reduce not only my fabric stash but my stash of existing costumes and have been trying to make more mix and match outfits all in an effort to save space.  As I made the latest pass through the costume closet I realized that there were a few costumes that I never wore any more but that had fabric I liked that I could remake into something new.  So I started deconstructing.  Some of you may remember the infamous Poison Polonaise.  An outfit I worked on forever and was never fully satisfied with when I finished.  But it DID have a nice large swath of black velvet in the skirt...and so did another project, a UFO German Ren gown that never got off the ground.  So I cannibalized them both for a new project I'm working on!  Creating closet space AND something new all in one fell swoop.

I also ran across this bustle outfit I made way back in I think 1999?
red bustle cu
Look how young and skinny I was then!

Anyway it's something I made long ago and it's not something I see myself wearing again.  The skirt I'll give away but the jacket I saw some use for.  So I ripped out the seams connecting the jacket to the red vest front and removed all the old red and worn out trim.  Then I started to re-trim it and I plan on creating a way of adding new vests fronts so it can work with  a multitude of different outfits.

Added bonus, the hat in the second pic goes with a Regency spencer I made but I think can do double duty with this new outfit.