Tissot Up Close

Close up of "Still on Top"
I've been pouring over my Tissot book and searching for images on the web and had a few things I thought I'd share since I know he's a favorite amongst costumers.  First of all there is a great website: http://www.jamestissot.org/ with a complete or nearly complete image catalog of his paintings.  This is really a nice resource for costumes because, as I noted before, he often paints the same dresses, so if you can find all the images with the dress you've fallen in love with you can find more details and views which can help in construction.  I found two more images of the striped gown on this site! 

And while these images aren't the largest ones they do all include the painting titles which can help you search for larger versions of the paintings online.  I was very excited to find a large, downloadable image of his 1874 painting "Still on Top" online because it shows the back of striped dress without the black wrap, something I'd never seen before, and confirms that there is a black bow on the back of the sleeves.  After finding large high res images I imported them into iphoto and zoomed in so I can see details that were a bit fuzzy.  Seamlines, trim and grain placements are easier to see now.  I love that the pleated ruffle trim has a strip of bias fabric sewn along the top of it!

Close ups from "Return from the boating trip"


  1. truly...madly...deeply...LOVE those ruffly sleeve cuffs! Can't wait to see you In them. :)

  2. Yeah, I was really excited to see how cool the ruffles were with the bias trim.

  3. ahh... love. And ditto what Claudine said. :-)


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