Curtains for Me

When Jen of Festive Attyre blogged about the 18th C print curtains she found at Lowes I resisted.  When American Duchess blogged about starting her print gown of curtains fabric I still held out.  Then more costumers joined the curtain crew and Jen set up a pinterest board so everyone could share pics of all their curtain creations...and I was sunk.   I'm joining the curtain-along!

I dragged my sons to both Lowes and Jo Ann's but to no avail, so I went online and bought them in the black colorway.  I'd like to make something simple, similar to this gown from the Kyoto Costume Institute which has been on my to-make list forever:

The cool thing about this is that I've got a white sheer embroidered petticoat already and it's made from curtains too!!  Other curtain-o-philes might be interested to know that Target's "Shabby Chic" collection includes these lovely embroidered voile curtains which a bunch of us have used to make 18th C petticoats similar to the one above.  Is that hilarious or what?  I may have to call it my 18th C Scarlett outfit...


  1. YAY! I can't wait to see what you do with the noir colorway and this gown!

    Thanks for the tip about the embroidered curtains at Target. I've been looking for appropriate whitework panels for aprons and petticoats. I'm on my way to Target RIGHT NOW, thanks to you, haha <3

  2. OOh, I think you're the first costumer to take on the noir. It's going to be amazing.


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