Dress U part 3

I've got to get these up before too much more time goes by!!

Anyway, after the tea there I went to Isabella's extant clothing class and a vintage parasol class.  I took tons of pics at both, if you go to my link to the flickr album of the photos at the end of the entry you can see them all.
A few of us needed to see the sunshine after so much time indoors so we found a little green space out next to the pool and relaxed and snapped a few pictures.

Then it was time to get ready for the Tiara and Jampagne party.  I didn't want to pack the crown for my evil queen costume because it's rather delicate and I was afraid it would get crushed in transit.  This left me in a bit of a pickle as most of my other Tiaras are silvertoned and that wouldn't work with the evil queen.  I ended up going with my Regency Tiara, which really was too delicate for the evil queen but it worked and I tried to overlook my tiara envy but my roomie made it hard - look at her!  We went down early to help set up the party and it all looked lovely.

tiara tiara1
And there were so many lovely Tiaras!
But Kat's took the cake - she wore a crown AND a tiara.  She was so regal she seemed to float...
I was starting to turn into a pumpkin by the end of the party.  And some friends were leaving.  Some good byes were said, some packing was done, and before long I was waking at 5 to go get my plane for home.

All my Dress U pics and a few movies are here on flickr.