Titanic inspirations

Probably most of you have seen Demode's great Dressing for Dinner on the Titanic article but just in case, it's here.

I don't have all that much of the green silk satin left, and worse still what I do have has been sewn into a partially completed skirt.  But after looking at some of the pictures Kendra posted in her article I came to the conclusion that the black and green combo will work. I've got a lot of black silk satin (long, long ago Fabric.com had a sale on black and poison green silk satin and now I'll finally get to use it!)  that can be the base of the dress and at the very least I can do bands of green under lace.  Plus I do have dupioni that's the same color green that can also be used.  So yay!  I'm especially pleased because I never was all that satisfied with the Poison Polonaise for some reason, so this gives me a chance to revisit the black and poison green evening wear in a whole new era.

Here's my current pile of potential Titanic gown trims, fabrics etc.


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