Titanic corsets and inspirations

My big hurdle to making something Titanic era has been the dreaded corset of course.  There are a lot of great patterns out there on the web, but after thinking about it I made the executive decision to NOT make a corset but to instead use my old Edwardian corset that I made in the GBACG Dark Garden corset class years ago.  Despite weight fluctuations it still fits (it was drafted by Autumn for me, so rather well I might add!)   While it's shape is definitely more S curve and earlier than most of the Titanic era corsets, that's a more flattering shape for me anyway.  AND it's an overbust  so I don't have to deal with the whole what-the-heck-I-have-to-make-a-freakin-bra-too?! problem.  And I think that shape will work with the inspiration dress.

I did a search of the MET collections on  Callot Soeurs, the designers of the above gown, discovered that they were four French sisters who started out in lace and lingerie.  And that I love nearly everything they've designed, it's all so luxe and feminine!  (I mean really, look at THIS!)  Anyway I've pinned my favorites to my Edwardian/Titanic board on Pinterest if you're interested.


  1. I just loves the post of this dress! Do you have a shot from the back?

  2. How much would you charge to produce this dress? I would need it in 13 weeks.


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