Seaside Finished!

So today the "Seaside" bustle gown had it's debut!  It was a warm day but the breeze off the ocean kept me from getting too hot and the light striped cotton was just the thing for a Victorian stroll along the bluffs above the Pacific.

I wore some tiny bluebell earrings I'd gotten years ago, just because they matched the blue in the dress, and a cameo pendant that had once been my great-grandmother's on a blue velvet ribbon round my neck.  The parasol is an antique I got at the DC "Big Flea" years ago.  It's in very good shape actually and quite sturdy, just a bit stained in a few places.

Since the day before had been scorching and today was also supposed to be hot too I formed a cunning plan to keep cool: after my shower I put my wet hair up in a bun.  My hair dries incredibly slowly so I knew it would help keep my head cool all afternoon - and it did.  Then I put a bun of fake hair over my bun and a long switch of curled hair underneath.

I'd bought one of those cheap long straight switches of hair attached to a jaw clip just for the hair.  It was synthetic but a nice quality and just my color.  I cut off part of the switch, braided it, and added it to the bun to make it even bigger.  The other part I left intact on the wig lace.  But I didn't want straight hair, I wanted curls.  So I rolled the hair up on sponge rollers, put it in the sink and poured boiling water over it followed by cold water.  I took the curlers out and voila - a nice little bunch of curls on a comb!  It made my hair today totally fuss-free!


  1. GORGEOUS!!!! and the hat to top it all off, simply perfect!

  2. STUNNING! You look gorgeous, and the dress is gorgeous, too!

  3. You look absolutely gorgous! Very summery and seasidery. :)

  4. This came out beautifully, and the blue is perfect on you.

  5. Thanks so much everyone! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.


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