18th C waistcoat and Fancy Dress

I'd gotten a tiny scrap of embroidered silk ages ago that I'd wanted to make into a waistcoat for my husband but it was just a wee bit too short.  Then I had the brilliant idea of piecing it which would also make the pattern curve with the front - I'm very happy with how the piecing turned out! 

I also got caught the fancy dress bug.  You see, I've had a certain design and the fabric to go with it in my plans forever, and given my recent bustle-mania I thought it might be a better idea to whip out another bustle gown rather than start a whole new style I'd never done before like the sac.  

I'm going to make something similar to this:      Out of this: (which is more black/red & gold/black changable than it looks here.)


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