Costume College Part 3: Friday: Historical Star Wars

I posted on my classes already but the other most notable things about Friday to me was the Historic Star Wars group.  I think my costume for this was my favorite of the whole weekend, it was comfortable, cool and hilarious.

Anyway,  group of us had been chatting on LiveJournal about doing Star Wars costumes from different historical eras to wear to Costume College, so without further ado, I present, from Left to right: Me as Mod Darth, Jen as Edwardian Kylo Ren, Katherine as Regency Bespin Leia, Ginger as Medieval Leia, Twila as Hippie Chewie and Amy as 50s BB-8.

I just loved all these costumes so much!  Everyone went all out and had every tiny detail right, just look at all these crazy purses!

 I didn't get a picture of it but Twila's hippie Chewie crossbow shot FLOWERS!  And Jen even made a special light saber handle for her parasol!

My costume was pretty easy for me to put together, a caped minidress from Hot Topic(!), boots I already owned, vintage 1960s hat and gloves and, best of all, super cool 3D printed light up Darth belt and Death Star purse that my husband made for me.  I'll do a separate post on those and 3D printing later on as he's been doing a LOT of it and I can see it will play a big part in future cosplays we do.


  1. This. Is. So. Cool! I love it! All of the costumes are just so amazing!

  2. Perfect! And the hat fits the ensemble so well!

  3. This was my favorite group of the weekend!


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