A post-WonderCon Cosplay Navel-Gazing Interlude

I had some great conversations with my son about cosplaying when we were at WonderCon.  We came to the conclusion that, to us, the most interesting cosplays at huge cons had one or more of the following traits.  They were:

A.  Unusual - characters people don't usually cosplay

It's not every day you see a Royal Tannenbaums cosplay

B. A Group - even two is better than one.

Look at how much more interesting this Indiana Jones cosplay is with his dad there too.

C. Had massive, hella cool or unusual props.

This dude was all about the prop AND he was funny (you gotta know both Spiderman AND Capt America Civil War to get this.)

D. Were funny or were a riff on an often done character.

 JAKE (from Adventure Time) Sparrow.

So with that in mind, I was thinking that if I want to cosplay something a lot of people have already done, I feel like I  need at least one of the last 3, if not all of them. I also feel superyouthful/sexy/cutesy just doesn't feel as "me" any more as more sophisticated, older, wiser, tougher characters.

Disclaimer -These are my thoughts about my own costumes, I'm NOT telling anyone else who/what to cosplay!  Do what makes YOU happy!  :)

We also both LOVED wearing the jumpsuit/labcoat for our Portal cosplay.  They were comfortable, not too hot and had tons of pockets, so more jumpsuit/labcoat oriented costumes are definitely in our future!