Historical Sew Monthly - Sewing Secret: An 18th C under-petticoat

So that fox fabric I've had in the stash that I posted about  the other day?  I just realized I must have had it for at least 15 years since I made my teenager an 18th C baby gown out of it!  :P

Hard to see, but baby is in a fox print gown under the blue robe
15 years of marinating is more than enough, so I am happy to report that I finally used it all.  I wanted my Georgiana Fox outfit to be Fox-themed from head to toe.  I'd already made something secret and Fox themed but I thought I had to incorporate this fabric into the outfit somehow.  So I made an under petticoat for the Fox riding habit out of it!  It's not something anyone will see, and is therefore secret, but it seemed too fitting not to use for this project.

Added bonus, I could conceivably wear it as an outer petticoat during hot weather with a little jacket and have a second Fox look.

The Challenge:  Secret - 18th C under petticoat 
Fabric: Cotton with documented 18th C fox face print
Pattern: None, just 3 panels of fabric for the skirt, knife pleated to ties and a ruffle.
Year: 1784
Notions: Thread
How historically accurate is it?  Medium, accurate silhouette and fabric but machine sewn.
Hours to complete: maybe 4?  That ruffle took a while.  Sorry, but I rarely keep track of things like that!
First worn: Haven't worn it yet.
Total cost:  No idea since I bought the fabric 15 years ago!


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