Historical Sew Monthly: #7 Accessorize - Garters

What the item is: Garters

The Challenge: #7 Accessorize

Fabric: Silk satin and silk ribbon

Year: 18th C-ish

Notions: Sewing and embroidery thread

How historically accurate is it? Not very, while the materials are period correct and I hand embroidered them, I machine sewed the ribbons to the garters and just used what was in the stash so the proportions are not what they would be in the period.

Hours to complete: about an hour

First worn: Will wear at Costume College 2015

Total cost: All stash scraps so basically free!

I loved the garters Katherine made for her Game of Thrones dress (see the link above) and had wanted to do my own to go with my Cersei gown.  The gown I'm reproducing is one she wears while married to Robert Baratheon and I thought Cersei would use the garters as chance for a wee bit of a rebellion, so I embroidered them with the following phrases:

Shoes and stockings care of American Duchess


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