Thirdy Birdy

I'm nearly done with the third bird.  People are always asking me "How long did it take you?"  Which I understand, but find rather annoying because I'm just not not that sort of planny person.  I work on things until their done and I have this sort of nebulous idea of how long that takes which is usually right.  What can I say, I'm not a math person, and I'm from California so it's all very "organic" with me.   :P

Anyway, with this latest embroidery, just by happenstance,  I know exactly what time I started and ended and I can tell you it took exactly 3 hours for me to sew everything you see in this first photo EXCEPT stitching down the two gold Italian mesh swirls, which I'd done the day before.  (And the time went so fast I had no idea it had been that long til H same in the room because I was listening to an audiobook, lol!)  I tried to up the contrast so you could see it but it's tricky!  So anyway, the couching and beading of the Italian mesh, and all the running stitches in gold and the beaded swirls took 3 hours.  I hope that satisfies you mathy/OCD types!  ;)

And here's a sneak peek of what this one will look like finished - please forgive the wrinkles.  I still need to add more gold running stitches and beads to the top design and then add the bird and feathers.


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