3 down, 2 to go

I finally finished the third bird this weekend.  I belatedly realized I'd forgotten to sew the little square beads onto all of the embroideries I'd finished so I went back and added those.  I spend a long time trying to find the right square beads and never did find quite what I was looking for.

Japanese tila beads seemed like the closest thing but I didn't like how sharp the edges looked, I didn't want to have a bead snag the silk.  I ended up getting tiny flat square shells, while they aren't the same color as the original I liked the look of them - and they were cheap!

After finishing this latest sleeve end I wanted to compare it to the other sleeve so here they are side by side.  As you can see I ended up with a lot more swirls on one side.  I may try to even them out or I may not - they are not at the same place on the sleeve: one is more towards the back of the dress than the other.  So I'm going to pin them on the dress form and decide after seeing them on the form if I need to add more to one side.

Next up is the center back design.