The year of the stash

I just realized that everything I'm working on, or plan to work on in the near future, comes from the stash.  I think I'll try to make 2015 the year of the stash and try to work ONLY from that.  I've got so much fabric, I really don't need to buy more -- maybe ever! I'll give myself permission to buy trims, lining and notions but otherwise, stash it is!

Anyone want to join me?

 I got a LOT of sewing done today, the new floral angalise/petticoat is done save for the trim.  And in an effort to both clear some UFOs off my table AND get ready for the summer picnicing season I finished TV's wash overskirt using the diagonally striped cotton lawn I got for $4.45 a yard at Fashion Fabrics Club in 2013.  I paired it with some white cotton lace I'd gotten a bolt of at the FIMD store, its looks very whipped creamy.  I also have almost finished an underskirt in the same fabric, I just need to attach the flounce and it's done.  Then I need to figure out what sort of bodice I want to go with this and if I want to trim all that white with navy or cherry silk ribbons from the stash...


  1. I am TOTALLY down for year of the stash. I have fabric for about 10 projects, many of which have lingered for years


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