So since my kids are pretty into Doctor Who we bought tickets for LA's big Doctor Who convention Gallifrey One.  Our costumes were pretty much all purchased pieces cobbled together but they came together well and we all had such a good time, we can't wait to go back!

We saw so many great costumes.  Good guys like Doctors and companions and TARDISes...

And bad guys like Daleks and Weeping Angels and Masters

My younger kid's 10th Doctor was so popular people were asking her for photos right and left.  I think a large part of it was her natural energy and charisma but also the hair, which is such an important part of David Tennant's Doctor's look.  We owe it all to this You Tube tutorial and I'll add that using the hair iron is key for anyone with ever so slightly wavy hair.

my older kid was the 11th Doctor.  I thought he made a perfect Matt Smith Doctor given that he's naturally tall and skinny (and being only 14, also naturally boyish).  He is always a bit shyer and reluctant to dress up but he had a great time and it looking forward to more cons.

And I was River Song on the first day.  We were actually supposed to a reception where we'd get to meet Alex Kingston who plays River Song, but she had to cancel.  I was so gratified then when several people told me they thought I should just pretend to be her!

And the spoof Doctor Joanna Lumley plays, to my husband's spoof Master from Doctor Who and the Curse of the Fatal Death.  It's pretty obscure but these were hard core Whovians so a surprising number of people actually got the joke.

Etheric Beam Locators?!

They had awesome Doctor Who themed crafts as part of the kids' programming.
(Cassandra!  A WORKING sonic screwdriver!  and a Dalek!)

We even got to meet celebrities like Uhura and Captain Jack Harkness!

 You can see all my pictures from Gallifrey here.


  1. I'm not sure which photo is my favorite but Rory the Roman and Amy in the Pandorica made me laugh SO HARD!!

  2. Oh, Dalek bumps. :) You looked great!

  3. Did you ever see the photos from when Nichelle Nicols got invited to the White House by Barack Obama? It's so stinkin' adorable!


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