First finished costume of 2015! 18th C Man's Banyan

My husband's banyan!  If you've got the book Fitting and Proper it's the first banyan pattern in there.  H is 6 feet tall and has about a 44 chest and the pattern fit well with only a few minor modifications.  I made the neck piece 2 inches longer, and the sleeves longer and wider.  This is very similar to an 18th C men's shirt in that it's all rectangles/triangles with only a few curves.  I didn't even make a pattern I just measured him and the pattern pieces and just added inches where I needed to as I cut it out.  I'd like to make one of those more fitted banyans someday but I'm pretty happy with this for being a) quick and dirty and b) using nearly every bit of a remnant I had no current plans for.  The sleeves are totally pieced but hey, it's period!  (Although all the machine sewn seams are not!  ;)



  1. Looks great! Love the fabric.

    I have been working on a banyan for J for ages. I swear the Projects is cursed because even if it is such a simple garment I have cut things wrong, twice, and sewn things wrong, twice...

    1. Isn't that always the way? Sometimes the easiest things are the hardest!


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