Costuming the lazy way...

Having someone else make it!

I had a bit of a red letter day today and got not one but two pairs of stays in the mail!  The talented Jen Thompson sold me some 1/2 boned stays she'd decided to get rid of.  I knew that Jen and I are pretty close in size and she does great work so I jumped at the chance when I heard she was selling them.  And I'm so glad I did, they fit like they were made for me and are so pretty!

I also ordered a pair of Florentine stays from Pearsons Renaissance Shop during their Black Friday sale.  I knew I needed something to wear under the Borgias outfit I'm planning, but if you know me you know I loathe making underwear.  I have no idea how accurate they are but they have the shape I wanted so I'm happy.


  1. Yay for other costumers being your size! And that's not being's being smart and savy!! Besides, you do a lot of work and it all looks fabulous!

    1. Thanks Gina! I really like to concentrate on sewing what people actually SEE so I buy undies whenever I can! ;)


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