Bits and bobs

*  I'm working on my own costumer holiday gift list but in the meantime I thought you might enjoy this guide from American Duchess.

* Sometimes commercial patterns from the "big three" can yield really wonderful results.  I love the Tudor gown that Learning to Costume has made from a Simplicity pattern.

* Historical Sewing has a great guide posted of patterns that are perfect for new costumers.

* Comic book fans have gotten their first look at the cast for the upcoming Suicide Squad.  I predict Harley Quinn will become even more popular than Elsa in the future.

* Two Nerdy History Girls have a really interesting post on Vigee-LeBrun and the new vogue for smiling in 18th century painting.

* DNA analysis of Richard the Third has interesting things to say about the connection of the modern royal family to their ancestors.

* Have you ever had the need for a really full, ruffly petticoat?  Angela Clayton has a great step-by-step of the uber ruffled petticoat she made.

* Sometimes it can be hard to get a handle on eras that are less popular amongst costumers.  The Closet Historian has a great overview of later 17th century costume for those of you interested in this era.


  1. A great list of links, the internet is so vast and I always fear I'm missing something and posts like these help me make new discoveries! Thanks so much for the link Loren!

    1. I love link posts too, so often I discover new information and blogs that way. You're welcome!


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