Bits and Bobs

The list is little short this week since I've been sick, sorry!  But these links are oh-so-good I think you won't mind!  ;)

*  American Duchess looks to be putting out some mighty cool shoes soon.  Take a peek at her "exclusives" here.

*  My friend Chantal found an amazing treasure trove of cutter's guides online here.  Seriously, this could take ages to go through there is SO MUCH THERE!

* The first longer preview for Into The Woods has been released and it's chock full of interesting fairytale costumes.

* The Museum of New York City has a new exhibit "Gilded New York" up until November 30th and it looks to be a stunner with numerous Worth gowns on display including the famous 1883 fancy dress costume "electric light."  There's an article on the exhibit complete with large images here and you can purchase the accompanying book here.