Instructables Halloween Roundup!

Flowerpot Head Costume
One of my favorite Halloween activities is checking out all the costume tutorials on Instructables. Pretty much any costume you could want to do for Halloween is on there, often with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make it.  Whenever I'm in doubt as to how to put something together Instructables is my go to place for ideas.

So I thought I'd share a few of the costumes I've seen this year that I especially liked.

* Flowerpot Head.  This reminds me of Magritte's Son of Man.  I just love how simple and surreal it is.

*  Dune Sandworm.  This is brilliant, so simple and yet so effective.  Even if you're unfamiliar with Dune what's not to love about a giant worm with teeth?

* Statue Busts.  Another wonderful idea.  These are famous composers but any famous dead people will do, perfect costume for reenactors who may already have wigs for this in their closet.

* Kid's Flying Monkey.  Great example of a thrifted/repurposed costume.  All the pieces were put together from other things and yet it all looks so right.

* Kid's Thor.  Super creative amalgamation of sewn, repurposed, purchased  and thrifted bits that came together to make a really stellar Thor.  Using a thrifted doll to give his son Thor's trademark long blond locks?  Brilliant!

* The Comedian from the Watchmen.  Not a whole of of detail on exactly on what they got where but I thought this thrifted/dollar store version of the Comedian was really good.

Vanellope Von Schweetz.  This is a pretty easy and simple costume but oh so effective.

*Zoltar from Big.  I just love this, a refrigerator box, some odds and ends from around the house, a few beads and a moustache and you're in the fortune telling business.

* Zoiberg from Futurama.  I can't believe how great this looks and it tickles me no end that they used a Bart Simpson mask to create it!


  1. Oh these are going to be fun to peruse! Hope you are healing quickly!


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