Essential Stitch Guide Goldwork

A little present I got for myself to look at while I recuperate arrived in the mail today:

I've been slowly realizing that part of the reason I love the GoT stuff so much is the goldwork and freehand embroidery all mixed together.  I never really took to cross stitch or needlepoint.  I wanted to like them and liked the patterns I found but the counting was tedious.  Freehand embroidery is so much more, well, freeing! Anyway, I'd heard good things about this book so I thought I'd get it to have some info and inspiration for the Cersei dress.  I've barely skimmed it but it looks like a wonderful little book. I did a double take when I saw the cover though - do you think Game of Thrones embroiderer Michele Carragher might have been subconsciously influenced by it?