Game of Thrones fabrics, jewelry and findings, oh my!

Game of Throne fan designers have been busy!   There is a slew of great GoT designs on Spoonflower and Shapeways, many of which may be of interest to costumers.  Here are the GoT fabrics I've found on Spoonflower, let me know if you run across any more:

Oberyn Martell's yellow paisleys

Dany's Qarth Belt
Dany's Quarth dress fabric

2 versions of Dany's other Qarth outfit (that came in pink and blue the the metalwork collar)
Pink  1
Pink 2

Blue 2

Margaery's wedding Dress

Just a word to the wise - always get a few different fabric type samples before ordering yardage from Spoonflower, certain designs look much better in certain fabrics.  

Shapeways has also come through, there are many repros of findings and jewelry are available, as well as come cool original deigns.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Dragon Egg

Targaryn Sigil Ring

Dany's cloak pin

Dany's Bracelet

Margaery's Rose belt

Margaery's belt clasp

Margaery's Wedding Pendant

Cersei's Lion Pendant

Direwolf Ring

As always check sizing an material on Shapeways before ordering.


  1. Not a strict recreation, but I thot these dragon egg purses on Etsy were pretty neat:


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